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Happy Birthday to a Pastor

A poem for one we admire? Whose words cause our faith to grow? A poem for his birthday? OH! I just really can’t…I don’t know! How could we express all our love? What phrases could really describe How we feel when he preaches and teaches? How we wonder at his spiritual vibe? What fresh rhyme…

Happy Mothers’ Day!

So last year I wrote and shared a speech with our church ladies. It was a lot of fun to present. Here are my rough notes….Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I looked up animals thinking I would find some tear-jerking stories of sacrifice beyond comprehension that would stir up feelings of guilt and overwhelming despair…


(in memoriam) Barnabas. A rabbit. To the vet, an ordinary, brown-gray, seven-pound will-bite sticker on a chart. To my friends, a spoiled, somewhat stupid (because he doesn’t look like a cat) rabbit, ready to attack at one advance. To some gruff and unfeeling acquaintances, dinner — fricasseed, best with gravy. To my farmer dad, an…

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