The Blizzard of 1990

Twas the week before  Christmas and all through the skies

The snow blasted down blinding everyone’s eyes.

I urgently needed to work through the break.

For textbooks and rent, too, for soup and for cake.

The roads how they sparkled! They shone like a penny!

The snowplows..wait, what? Well, there just were not any.

I5 was a skate rink, with swirled around cars

Just sitting there, headlights flashing like stars.

From Auburn to Broadway, I needed to get.

The thermometer was simply stuck on “NOT YET”!

As my coin banks seemed to dip lower and lower

The road banks just rose up snow-er and snow-er.

When finally I could no longer sit there and fret.

I climbed aboard my not quite trusty Chevette.

I slipped and I slid till I got to I5.

Thankful I made it to that point alive.

With a sigh of relief I approached the slick ramp

Looking for dark patches of welcoming damp.

When what to my wondering eyes did appear.

Nothing but solid ice to the fore and the rear!

I crept and I crawled in my little slow car.

Wondering why Seattle seemed suddenly so far.

I got to the exit and smiled at my luck

Only to see that the exit was blocked by a truck!

Back to the skating rink I rolled with a frown

I knew I would have to turn back around.

My cheeks how sunk in now, my shoulders how slumpy

My laughter how hollow, my heartbeat how jumpy.

I drove the Chevette back as slow as can be

It took another 2 hours, maybe three.

On a freeway like ice, with frost framing my glass.

I had time to confront the mistakes of my past.

What had I accomplished, knowing ice did not melt

When a warm ray of sun had never been felt?

Why had I not heeded advice from the wise?

Saying, do not go out, do not, you’ll capsize!

It took all day, this journey of mine.

I made not a cent, not a nickel or dime.

But what I almost lost was beyond price.

This life of mine, which turned out kind of nice.

Did I starve, did I freeze, did I lose my small flat?

Did bugs eat me alive because of all that?

Did I fail the whole term, did I lose my whole grade?

Did I go bald or turn pink, not that I don’t like that shade?

Nothing bad happened, the church helped in time.

They took up a collection, I paid not a dime.

My books were all paid for by all my dear friends.

I went to work safely later, and that is the end.

Published by Ruth Orozco

Ruth Orozco

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