Sophie 2019 SBA

Twas the night before the test

Sophie thought she’d get some rest.

Till her sister started humming up a tune.

And it wouldn’t ever end;  it went on and on, my friend.

Till Sophie thought she wouldn’t sleep until the June!

She glanced up to check the time

As her fear began to climb

And the SBA loomed nearer hour by hour.

Anneli’s song went on and on; about penguins, parks, and ponds,

And how lemons, limes, and pomegranates became sour.

At last the clock struck ten.

But the song? NOPE! Not the end.

Until a rattle came right from the door.

In stepped Sophie’s pop, with tortillas from the shop.

“Tacos, Anneli?” he said, “Two, Three, or Four?”

With a taco in each hand

And three more fresh in the pan,

Anneli’s brilliant song began to fade.

And the words from her sweet lips were replaced by creamy drips

So Sophie’s head was once more on the pillow laid.

And with lots and lots of rest

This kid who does her best

Did an amazing awesome job on this here test!!                              Love, Mom

Published by Ruth Orozco

Ruth Orozco

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