Fall Candles

Nothing is better than the lush first days of fall,

When the sun sleeps sooner, casting shadows on the wall.

The summer heat is fading, cool air, cool breeze, and more.

Time to grab my favorite box, labeled “FALL DECOR” 

All year long the box has hunched, tilting in its stack.

Full of colors shut away, calling to come back.

Russet, gold, fading green, mustard yellow, too.

The colors of fire, of candlelight, of leaves in every hue.

I rush around the house, setting corners aglow

With squirrels, fuzzy acorns, and woolen pumpkins in tow.

When I stop to take a breath, I realize it’s not right.

I look around at the beautiful scene, but fall is only in my sight.

Where is the spicy clovish scent? Where is fall’s fresh breeze?

I can’t smell the windy leaves, fresh-blown from the trees.

Where is the deep rich fruity pie? Apples, cinnamon, toast?

Where is the smell of warm-me-up food, when I need it the most?

No smell of grass is in the air, no fall’s fresh crunchy smell.

No deep forest mulch, no bright-lit pine, no scent that I can tell! 

I check the box just one more time, and there at the bottom I spy

A puddle of swirly melted wax with the aroma of …leafy pie?

The summer was TOO HOT! My one last candle is gone!

I used all the rest during quarantine. My heart has lost its song.

I sit by the fire and rest awhile, to absorb the heat and wish-

Wish for just one crackling candle, cedar-scented in an amber dish.

Or wait! I’ll go for smoky tobacco with some midnight notes and rose

Just to spark some romance between my decor and my nose.

No…I need something fresh to perk me up, I’ll choose jasmine and lime.

But what if… oh, this really hurts. I just don’t have the time.

I have so many favorites, and can’t pick just one of those.

Once I start, I just can’t stop. I’m a connoisseur of the nose.

I wish someone would send to me some autumn sight and smell

To light the corners of my heart, the corners where I dwell. 

To flood the air with scented breeze, my mind with calm and ease.

To set my gaze on glowing flame, and wrap our home with peace.

Published by Ruth Orozco

Ruth Orozco

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