I wrote this for my baby brother Mike, when I was 13. It’s from the perspective of the (tortured) cat. Love you, Mike.

Hello, my name is Tigger-Too

And I’m going to relate my life’s story to you.

I love little Mikey-muss very much

(A little baby boy)

He loves me lots and lots and lots

And I am his favorite toy.

A toy, I thought, a cute little toy.

Little does he know,

That I am a real live pussy cat.

Furry, soft, and all aglow.

He pulls and pinches, squeezes and chews,

Yanks, and tears, and gnaws.

Then he grins and starts all over again.

OH! My poor little paws!

I grin and bear it most of the time,

But sometimes I get MAD.

Then I scratch a little bit,

And Michael cries a tad.

Then mother comes running and so does Sis

to save him from my wrath.

They pick him up and give him a kiss,

And remove him from my path.

In spite of all this, I’ll always love him

And he will always love me.

We’re very alike in so many ways,

As soon you will very well see.

Whenever my cat food is out on the floor

Michael comes crawling real fast.

If we let him, I bet he’d eat it all up

And it wouldn’t have long to last.

We love to play ball and sit in the sun,

And get in everyone’s way,

And when someone sits down, we jump in their lap.

Oh love me! Oh love me! we say.

All of these things amount to one thing,

We’ll always be the best of friends.

I’ll always love him, he’ll always love me.

And that’s how my story ends.

Published by Ruth Orozco

Ruth Orozco

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