Thanksgiving Turg/erg/urk/-o-nomics?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Here are some ergonomic reminders for your holidays this week.

T= Turkey Lifting: Bend at knees! Lift from legs!

H=Hand over tasks to reduce stress.

A=Act to stay calm; deep breathe when faced with pesky politics or rascally relatives.

N=Notice pain, strain, tension, and adjust.

K=Keyboard; use an external keyboard for Black Friday online deals

S= Stand; use a cookbook stand to prevent neck strain.

G= Go for smaller serving platters and bowls to avoid wrist strain when passing and serving food

I= Inflatable pillow or travel pillow for lumbar support, or neck support for that little nap.

V=Vigilance; don’t overstrain while digging in closets for gravy boats or climbing on roofs to decorate

I=Interact with real people to avoid eye strain from staring at that TV or computer

N=Neck stretches will help to counteract hunching over plates, sinks full of dishes, or new babies

G=Go for a walk to ease back pressure from prolonged sitting or standing

              Happy Thanksgiving!

Published by Ruth Orozco

Ruth Orozco

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