The Funnest Buns–at Marnin Saylor

I will never forget the first time I saw the Marnin Saylor booth at Pike Place Market. As a rabbit lover, an English major, a teacher, a mom of girls, a pun-lover, and a perpetually dieting sweet-tooth, there was no store that could possibly have won my heart any faster.

PASTRY PETS, sold in pastry bags, selected with pastry tongs, by a proprietor classily bow-tied and aproned, just could not be any sweeter. A maple bear, a cinnamon bun, and a honey bun, had rolled right out of their oven of lovin’ and my eyes glazed over with happy tears of yearning.

Somehow we walked past, my husband and children facing forward, and me facing backward. I’m sure there are still skidmarks where my booted heels were drug protesting away from Marnin Saylor that first time. Every few feet I enthused, “PASTRY PEEEEEEEETTTTSSSS!!!….CINNAMMMOOONNN BUUUNNNNS!!” unable to elucidate any further, but hoping it was easily distinguishable as a cry of distress, to be interpreted as, “I don’t care the cost, but please get me one. NOW.”

Eventually, we did go back, and my youngest got her first cinnamon bun. We since have purchased a maple bear for my little nephew as well. I have yet to become the proud owner of my own pastry pet.

Small Business Saturday is coming up! I recall a poem I wrote for Marnin Saylor once:

They’re just hopin’ and a’hoppin

That real soon you’ll be a’stoppin

To give their fluffy tails a cozy home.

And their ears they need a lovin’

Cause these buns fresh from the oven

Are just waitin’ for a heart to call their own.

I hope you will stop by Marnin Saylor! They have their own store space now in the lower level and will treat you to your most memorable experience of the day.

Published by Ruth Orozco

Ruth Orozco

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