Be My Valentine: His and/or Her-gonomics?: Celebrating those special moments with Coworkers, Family and Friends

  1. Writing a handwritten sticky note: Did you know that pen/pencil grippers are available to provide writing comfort for those with tension or discomfort in hands, arms, or wrists? Good for gripping issues with gripping issues.
  2. Sealed with a…..?: Avoid papercuts and allergic reactions on that sensitive tongue by using a damp paper towel to moisten the flap of an envelope containing those sweet and business-like sentiments and, um, proposals.
  3. Frequent intense emails: Avoid prolonged contact of your wrists or forearms on the hard surface of your desk or work surface while exchanging emails with coworkers and friends.
  4. Tête-à-tête: On those rare but beautiful occasions you may enjoy a meal together, maintain correct neck and back posture, as well as important eye contact,  by bringing your edibles up to your rosebud-shaped mouth, rather than bending down to your plate.  This lessens neck strain and strengthens those important connections.
  5. Promenade deck: while taking a turn about the office, enjoying another’s company or your own, pay attention to your surroundings, and maintain a reasonable pace for the setting. Anticipate not only the thrilling conversation, but also the unexpected excited scientist bursting through a lab door at the most awkward point in your discussion.
  6. Sweets for the sweet: opening gifts, cards, kind notes, on-time reports, and bafflingly beautiful spreadsheets can lead to extreme displays of emotion. Be aware of any clouded vision that may occur via a routine chemical process resulting in pools of liquid that can collect in the eyeballic regions of your head. These changes in vision can be a safety hazard. Best to sit down till your vision clears and the liquid trickles down to your heart, filling it up with a nice warm feeling of gratitude before you continue on your path.

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Ruth Orozco

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