Happy Mothers’ Day!

So last year I wrote and shared a speech with our church ladies. It was a lot of fun to present. Here are my rough notes….Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I looked up animals thinking I would find some tear-jerking stories of sacrifice beyond comprehension that would stir up feelings of guilt and overwhelming despair of ever reaching the level of love demonstrated by a mother anteater. And yes, I found some of animals chewing their limbs off for their offspring, but very quickly I discovered some surprising stories. These stories I hope will make you feel like the amazing mamas, aunties, grammies, friends, and nanas you are!!!!!!!!!


Sleeps 90% of the day, 22 hours.

An ALLIGATOR MOM : makes nest of rotting vegetation that creates heat so she doesn’t actually have to sit on nest.

POLAR BEARS: moms have to double their weight during pregnancy, or they actually lose the baby, and sleep thru the delivery 

CUCKOO: lays eggs in another birds nest to trick them into raising her babies, not only that, but the cuckoo chicks hatch first and kick the other chicks out, and they get the full attention of the foster parents

HARP SEAL: Mothers feed for 12 days and do not eat themselves, but then abandon them entirely. FOREVER.

PANDA: Mom typically has 2 cubs, picks the best one and cares for that one.

BLACK BEAR: opposite! If the mom only has 1 cub, decides only one just really isn’t worth it!

BLACK EAGLE: moms stand by, ignoring sibling squabbles, even while one kills the other.

RABBITS: moms leave immediately after giving birth, stopping only a few minutes each day to feed them.

These facts made me realize that :moms, by God’s grace we are stronger than we think, we are loving better than we think we are, and also, our adorable photos that we post  or see are not always telling the whole story, so give yourself mercy and compassion. Be gentle, you don’t have to be perfect to be the perfect mom for your kids!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ruth Orozco

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