Happy Birthday to a Pastor

A poem for one we admire?

Whose words cause our faith to grow?

A poem for his birthday?

OH! I just really can’t…I don’t know!

How could we express all our love?

What phrases could really describe

How we feel when he preaches and teaches?

How we wonder at his spiritual vibe?

What fresh rhyme could tickle his fancy

And let him know truly our thought?

When he is so generous and wise,

And we often do not as we ought?

 Well, I will put pen down on paper.

And see what poor words there do flow.

And what faulty ideas present, when

Our hearts, with God’s flame are aglow.

Please know that we all truly see you

For the great man of God that you are.

We cherish and appreciate you.

And say Happy Birthday, YOU’RE the STAR!

Published by Ruth Orozco

Ruth Orozco

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