Be My Valentine: His and/or Her-gonomics?: Celebrating those special moments with Coworkers, Family and Friends

Writing a handwritten sticky note: Did you know that pen/pencil grippers are available to provide writing comfort for those with tension or discomfort in hands, arms, or wrists? Good for gripping issues with gripping issues. Sealed with a…..?: Avoid papercuts and allergic reactions on that sensitive tongue by using a damp paper towel to moistenContinue reading “Be My Valentine: His and/or Her-gonomics?: Celebrating those special moments with Coworkers, Family and Friends”

The Funnest Buns–at Marnin Saylor I will never forget the first time I saw the Marnin Saylor booth at Pike Place Market. As a rabbit lover, an English major, a teacher, a mom of girls, a pun-lover, and a perpetually dieting sweet-tooth, there was no store that could possibly have won my heart any faster. PASTRY PETS, sold inContinue reading “The Funnest Buns–at Marnin Saylor”

Thanksgiving Turg/erg/urk/-o-nomics?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Here are some ergonomic reminders for your holidays this week. T= Turkey Lifting: Bend at knees! Lift from legs! H=Hand over tasks to reduce stress. A=Act to stay calm; deep breathe when faced with pesky politics or rascally relatives. N=Notice pain, strain, tension, and adjust. K=Keyboard; use an external keyboard for BlackContinue reading “Thanksgiving Turg/erg/urk/-o-nomics?”

Thoughts on Reading

(previously published on Madeline Osigian at The Little Decorator What are three books you are currently reading or have read recently and what did you think of each? The Book Thief: I actually listened to the audio recording of this book, and it was an incredible experience. It was a little jarring to learnContinue reading “Thoughts on Reading”

The Blizzard of 1990

Twas the week before  Christmas and all through the skies The snow blasted down blinding everyone’s eyes. I urgently needed to work through the break. For textbooks and rent, too, for soup and for cake. The roads how they sparkled! They shone like a penny! The snowplows..wait, what? Well, there just were not any. I5Continue reading “The Blizzard of 1990”