Happy Mothers’ Day!

So last year I wrote and shared a speech with our church ladies. It was a lot of fun to present. Here are my rough notes….Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I looked up animals thinking I would find some tear-jerking stories of sacrifice beyond comprehension that would stir up feelings of guilt and overwhelming despairContinue reading “Happy Mothers’ Day!”

Be My Valentine: His and/or Her-gonomics?: Celebrating those special moments with Coworkers, Family and Friends

Writing a handwritten sticky note: Did you know that pen/pencil grippers are available to provide writing comfort for those with tension or discomfort in hands, arms, or wrists? Good for gripping issues with gripping issues. Sealed with a…..?: Avoid papercuts and allergic reactions on that sensitive tongue by using a damp paper towel to moistenContinue reading “Be My Valentine: His and/or Her-gonomics?: Celebrating those special moments with Coworkers, Family and Friends”

The Funnest Buns–at Marnin Saylor

https://www.marninsaylor.com/ I will never forget the first time I saw the Marnin Saylor booth at Pike Place Market. As a rabbit lover, an English major, a teacher, a mom of girls, a pun-lover, and a perpetually dieting sweet-tooth, there was no store that could possibly have won my heart any faster. PASTRY PETS, sold inContinue reading “The Funnest Buns–at Marnin Saylor”

Thanksgiving Turg/erg/urk/-o-nomics?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Here are some ergonomic reminders for your holidays this week. T= Turkey Lifting: Bend at knees! Lift from legs! H=Hand over tasks to reduce stress. A=Act to stay calm; deep breathe when faced with pesky politics or rascally relatives. N=Notice pain, strain, tension, and adjust. K=Keyboard; use an external keyboard for BlackContinue reading “Thanksgiving Turg/erg/urk/-o-nomics?”

Thoughts on Reading

(previously published on Madeline Osigian at The Little Decorator http://thelittledecorator.blogspot.com/) What are three books you are currently reading or have read recently and what did you think of each? The Book Thief: I actually listened to the audio recording of this book, and it was an incredible experience. It was a little jarring to learnContinue reading “Thoughts on Reading”