The Blizzard of 1990

Twas the week before  Christmas and all through the skies The snow blasted down blinding everyone’s eyes. I urgently needed to work through the break. For textbooks and rent, too, for soup and for cake. The roads how they sparkled! They shone like a penny! The snowplows..wait, what? Well, there just were not any. I5Continue reading “The Blizzard of 1990”

The Fact that You Called

I called my brother Kris. I called him from inside my car, where I had rushed, covering my head with my hands. My hair had just been rebrushed for band practice, but was now polka-dotted with hailstones sporting nickel-sized diameters and Saturnesque rings of frosty air. Anneli was crying from the backseat, since big sisterContinue reading “The Fact that You Called”