Be My Valentine: His and/or Her-gonomics?: Celebrating those special moments with Coworkers, Family and Friends

Writing a handwritten sticky note: Did you know that pen/pencil grippers are available to provide writing comfort for those with tension or discomfort in hands, arms, or wrists? Good for gripping issues with gripping issues. Sealed with a…..?: Avoid papercuts and allergic reactions on that sensitive tongue by using a damp paper towel to moistenContinue reading “Be My Valentine: His and/or Her-gonomics?: Celebrating those special moments with Coworkers, Family and Friends”


I wrote this for my baby brother Mike, when I was 13. It’s from the perspective of the (tortured) cat. Love you, Mike. Hello, my name is Tigger-Too And I’m going to relate my life’s story to you. I love little Mikey-muss very much (A little baby boy) He loves me lots and lots andContinue reading “Tigger-Too”

Fall Candles

Nothing is better than the lush first days of fall When the sun sleeps sooner, casting shadows on the wall. The summer heat is fading, cool air, cool breeze, and more Time to grab my favorite box, labeled “FALL DECOR”  All year long the box has hunched, tilting in its stack. Full of colors shutContinue reading “Fall Candles”

Refrigerator Rap

(written at work) When you work in an office Ya bring your meat Ya bring your water And some grub to eat. The days go by Ya work so hard Ya don’t check the date On that tub o’lard. Then a great day comes When a big ol’ sneak Goes in the fridge One holidayContinue reading “Refrigerator Rap”

The Blizzard of 1990

Twas the week before  Christmas and all through the skies The snow blasted down blinding everyone’s eyes. I urgently needed to work through the break. For textbooks and rent, too, for soup and for cake. The roads how they sparkled! They shone like a penny! The snowplows..wait, what? Well, there just were not any. I5Continue reading “The Blizzard of 1990”


The living thing that I love to hate Is a creature with legs that number eight. It lurks, it hides in shady spots Beneath damp towels, in flower pots. When unsuspecting, sweet little me Sings about the house so merrily This creature laughs to himself, a leg pops out, Then 2, 3, 4 from beneathContinue reading “Spiders”


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